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Welcome Earthlings To The Sci-Fi Dimension. Teleport Yourself Into The Sci-fi Galaxy. Dont Forget To Bring Your Jammy Dodgers To Throw At Any Stray Daleks You May Run Into. Aliens & Cyborgs Especialy Welcome. Teletransporting You Now...

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go Klingons Cloaking Technology (0) femcat38
If the Klingons joined the United Federation of Planets would they have to give up their cloaking technology?

go Star Trek (0) femcat38
What is the largest ship in the Star Trek Universe?

go Doctor Who? (0) femcat38
How do Time Lords prove to others that they are the same person as their past regenerations?

go Whats Outside The Universe? (0) femcat38
What lies beyond the edge of the observable universe?

go dark matter! (2) slyromeo
What is it?


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go INFRARED PROCESSING ANALYSIS CENTER - The Infrared Processing and Analysis Center (IPAC) at Caltech is dedicated to science operations, data archives, and community support for astronomy and solar system science missions, with a historical emphasis on infrared-submillimeter astronomy and exoplanet science.
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